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Teaches Serious Tennis to Serious Players

MATCH POINT TENNIS is the parent company for Coach James Tennis - which was spun off in 2007 for Coach James to bring his award winning tennis programs and styles to Northern Virginia
Coach James is a Certified Tennis Professional - teaching for 26 years and playing serious tennis for 38 years.
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The Blue Print for Winning Tennis
Whether you are an experienced player or just starting, everyone needs a plan for advancement.
Coach James Tennis has developed a plan for each player to measure this advancement.
We have developed a tried and true 5 STEP process to take your game to the next USTA, NVTL. DSTL, SRP, PCST Team Ladder or personal level. This needs to be followed EVERY Week -
Practice on your own
Statiistics show that one needs 5000 correct repetitions to create a new muscle memory. Practice with a partner, hit against the wall, hit with the ball machine, hit a basket of serves. Carve out 30 minutes a week to do this. Add to that 5000 plaver week.
Play a "practice match"

 Compete in a League
Match experience without the pressure of winning
Match experience - why we play the game. Builds Character.
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The Serve BluePrint
Build the Power Forehand
Flawless Backand Drives
On the Spot Footwork
High Percentage Tennis
6 Zones for best positioning
Reliable 2nd Serve Placement
Serve +1
Return +1
Discover the two crucial concepts that allow my students make major improvements, learn concise techniques to supercharge improvement
- Coach James
The Three for winning tennis is seldom witnessed by me for today's player - when are you going to start?
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Thank you to the 5,507 kids I have had the priveledge to teach in these great communities since 2007 -