Coach James Tennis

South Riding Tennis
Fox Mill Estates - Herndon
Pinecrest - Herndon

Teaches Serious Tennis to Serious Players

MATCH POINT TENNIS is the parent company for Coach James Tennis - which was spun off in 2007 for Coach James to bring his award winning tennis programs and styles to Northern Virginia
Coach James is a Certified Tennis Professional - teaching for 20 years and playing serious tennis for 35 years.
Adult Tennis
Special Events
Oak Grove - Sterling

Coach James Tennis

Thailand Project

Rebuilding a farm, a family and a community, All of which I had no previous experience. I took advice from friends and read rome books. I watched YouTube videos and used my imagination. Upon arriving in LamPlaiMat, I know this is where God wants me. He gave me the greatest opportunity to be supportive, creative and loving. Really, he introduced many very intelligent people who just neeeded the means to help themselves. Su, Sam, Poj and Mom provide the best gift for my - they have added significance to my life.